Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First Week 2011

Monday was my first run of 2011. I did the 5 mile loop at work that day and today - and have 10 miles so far in 2011. I'd like to hit ~10 running this week and build to ~20 miles/week running total by sometime in March - basically adding a mile/week as I go. Then I'll start the seasons that define running in New England (1) Spring Hill work - maybe a 1/2 marathon in late spring; certainly the Twilight Trail Run, (2) speed work in the early summer - maybe a track mile, (3) possible triathlon in the late summer, (4) take another shot at a marathon next Fall - most likely Hartford or Philly. Last year I didn't do a full marathon - but had a pretty good year running - I probably ran about 800 miles - way down from the year before - but managed some of my best times ever.

I used that estimated 800 to justify purchasing new shoes. My brooks have fit small - so I sized up, and I splurged and bought some Newtons. I'll review those once they get here and I've had a chance to run in them.



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