Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Total mileage for the year is 775 (and counting).  That's actually a little low considering the two races i've trained for (half in the spring and full in the fall).  The spring season was particularly low - 304 miles from including the entire first half of the year.  It did include 8 weeks where 0 miles were run - most due to the extreme snowfall last winter and some due to my left knee injury following the half.

The fall was a bit more consistent and has 472 miles total with a solid median of 21 miles/week.  Also, I focused pretty heavy on cross-training for the full marathon - and didn't really have the huge weeks as a result.

Racing was good this year.  I managed 6 races.  Back in the day I would rank my races, and here is how I'd stack them up this year.  Number 1 needs to be the Baystate marathon.  I failed to hit my goal, but did manage a new PR and the training did get me back running strong again.  Number 2 I'd put down as the battlegreen 10K.  It was pretty close to my fastest 10k and I felt very strong for that race.  Third place I'm giving to the yulefest 5k since it's my second fastest 5k ever - even though the race itself is a little hipstery.


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