Saturday, December 05, 2015

Yulefest Eve!

Tomorrow is my last race of the year.  One of my main goals was to run more races and this will be #6 - so i can check that box.  The last race is the yulefest 5K at harvard sq.  It's one of those hipster drinkfest races - which is fine (i do like to drink!) - but I'm hoping to run fast and head home.  Yesterday I did the normal loop including 3 miles at tempo pace - which yesterday was 7:25, 7:24 and 7:17.  It may have been faster than that - but a little shorter - as I wasn't paying attention when the first mile started; and I only timed miles, not 'laps'.  Doesn't really matter.  I think I can go out pretty hard tomorrow and run a pretty good race.

Update: race is next week!  Doh!  Kept streak alive with 2.1 easy miles near havad.  Worked out Ken when I got home.


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