Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Swelter.

I ended up skipping yet another race - the NB track mile on Tuesday night - because my side hurt from Monday's swim. I was unsure why it that day - it felt like an internal organ was rupturing whenever I stood up. But then I reasoned that it must be muscular since a ruptured organ would probably hurt when I sat back down. Anyway - I felt fine again come Wednesday morning - although a little bummed I missed another race.

Wednesday I did another run/swim. The water was absolutely perfect that day and it felt great. The only downside is I hit my first jelly of the season. It was a large one and it stung bad. Fortunately I was 5 1/2 laps into the six lap swim - so I just headed in. Nevertheless, it has me thinking about paying for the pool again.

Thursday I managed a 30 minute strength workout at night and Friday I did a brutal simmering 4.5 miler. I left early (10 am) wanting to beat the heat - but I was cooked after about 25 minutes. Never fun to run on the hottest day of the year - but somehow I always manage. It's all cooler from here on in though!

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