Sunday, June 12, 2011

Change of Pace.

So I skipped the Niantic Bay 10k. Just wasn't feeling great last Friday, or really, most of this spring. Although I have lots of excuses (allergies/sick, work) - I still felt like I need to change things up. I'm a little conflicted. On one hand I feel like I need to get back to strength and flexibility, on the other hand I'd like to run a marathon. I didn't feel fit after the last marathon - so the goal hear would be to trim the running and do more strength training. I'm considering adding a swim/week as well - since I thought this really helped me last year. So the plan would include 3 runs, a swim and 2 strength workouts. In the short term (next 2 months) - I'll ramp of the speed and maybe start some swimming. I'll have to build in some flexibility as well. If I decide not to run a marathon (probably Philly) - I can just ramp down the long runs and run my normal group of Fall races - remembering that the ultimate goal is to feel stronger.

The plan itself is a derivative of the FIRST plans that are floating about. It peaks at only 30 miles/week - which seems insane - but after having done a marathon, I'm convinced that running 6 days/week with no focus on other workouts did nothing for my overall fitness. We'll see!



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