Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Simmers in SE CT

Finally back from the longest vacation of my life (a whole 2 weeks). I'm back in the workout groove. I did M/Wnd/Fri runs of 4/5/4 miles. Nothing too fast. The 5 miler was actually remarkably slow - but in a good way. I managed a solid strength session Tuesday and should do another tomorrow and managed a fair bit of yoga.

A few great *free* races coming up (thanks Snerro dudes!). The first is next Tuesday - weather permitting - the Nick Bottone track mile at Westerly High. Can I break 6 minutes at 39 years of age? The next great *free* race is the John Kelly Ocean Beach 11.6 miler. I can't find a link, but it's on the schedule. Show up to Ocean Beach on Sunday August 6th at about 8:30 to register and you are good to go.

Other than that I'm enjoying great summer time fun including swimming with the girls, playing an actual real game of frisbee with my daughter (now 7) and watching the comments of the Podium Cafe's internet blog of the Tour de France because I'm too cheap to buy the Versus live feed - and the fact that the comments are pretty interesting and entertaining.



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