Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slogging Through

Some crap runs since my last blog post. I did 5 slow (44) last Friday - giving me 15 for the week. I followed that with a camp trip - the Judson camp-a-thon this weekend at Brialee near Ashford, CT. The camping wiped me out for Monday's run - another slow (44 minute) 5 miler. Having said that, the camping was great fun. The campground had a crap-load of things for the kids to do: fishing, swimming, moon bounce, inflatable water slide, splash-pad, a recreated Fenway wiffle ball field, and the list goes on from there.

Back to working out. I did a 5am Bob Harper strength thing Tuesday and another slow run today - only 4.5 miles. Although the runs have been slow, I've managed 4 strength workouts in the 11days - and I'll do another tomorrow. So - at least I'm getting into that habit. I'm still eyeing Philly in November - gotta get strong!

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