Friday, December 16, 2011

Rough Week

Rough week 'round here.  I managed 3 workouts: 67 minute strength (sunday), 24 minutes (900) in the pool and a somewhat pathetic 2.8 mile run today (23 mintues).  I ran short just to try and get a run in without hurting my ITB.  I could feel it from the start - but it never started really hurting.  I kinda felt like I changed my gate a little.  I'm just glad I could get the run in without pain.

Home was tough for some reason this week.  Argued with wife Monday night; felt horrible about it all Tuesday but patched things up - but have struggled getting good vibes with the kids.  Was real upset at my oldest for not  knowing 4+3 off the top of her head this morning - feel like we need to do more homework - but then I always feel like I'm badgering her to do it.  Being a parent is about a trillion times harder than I thought going in.  No wonder I don't mind running for 3 straight hours.  Add to that - grill not working great, mice in the house (going down this weekend mice!), holiday stuff, move stuff, work stuff...


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