Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taper Time Again!

I still like the look of my graph.  Pretty cool stuff.  Red (and shading) is the miles run.  Blue is the comparison from 2 years ago.  Green includes estimates of cross-training (swim; bike) miles and yellow includes estimates for strength training miles.  The 'monster month', despite a drastically reduced run schedule, is actually mirrored well by the x-training.  Week 10 is a dip because I skipped the strength training - but other than that it looks pretty good.

This week's been a hard.  People complain that the taper is mentally difficult because they do so little- I actually have the opposite feeling.  I'm 100% ready to do nothing - and this week has felt tough.  Monday's intervals were 5 lung-searing 4:10 minute periods.  Yesterday's tempo run (over 6 miles) felt very difficult and it was tough today to drag my butt down to the pool for 38 minutes (more tough intervals).  Tomorrow's run - though light by comparison to past weeks - is still going to be well over an hour of running.  Sunday - weights - but no Bob Harper - something shorter and less intense.  Less, yes.  Easy, no.  I keep repeating - it's all about staying sharp.  Sharp.

Next week - 6x400 Monday, 3 miles easy Wednesday - probably an easy 800 in the pool Tuesday.  Then rest, rest, rest, Race!


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