Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 11 Long Run.

Today I took my sir isaacs out for there first long run - 18 miles.  With rain pending, I would've done the brooks, but I left them at work.  doh.  So I plopped the kids at school and headed out at 8:50.  The weather was pretty muggy for October 14th - especially the first hour of running.  I ran through mumford's cove and over to bluff point (45 minutes) - ate my first gel of the season.  Then headed into work.  Yes work, but I didn't go in.  Turned around at the fire station (~1:24), then back to the visitor center and filled my empty water bottle and ate second gel (1:30).  at about 1:45 I realized I was almost half-way through the 'filled' bottle - guess I was thirsty.  I hit the bluff point parking lot at about 2:00, and ran another 10 min. before taking down my last gel.  It was mercifully raining now - so although I was thirsty - at least it was raining.  Hit the 215 intersection with around 2:25 or so - and starting to feel the hurt.  At 2:30 I mentally broke the run into 10 minute segments.  Really hard the last 20 minutes.  I vaguely remember long runs hurting this much 2 years ago.  The good news is that I made it injury free.  Hopefully get a strength training session this weekend.  For the record books - managed another 1300 in the pool yesterday.  Pretty solid week.

On tap next week.  Either 3x1600s or 12x400s, then another tough 10 mile tempo wednesday.  13 easy next Friday - should feel like a walk in the park.


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