Wednesday, October 05, 2011

10 Weeks in and Still Going.

Some good news - I did 10 miles today at a sub 8:00 min/mile pace - and my calf/ankle felt fine the entire time.   Weather was still not perfect - but starting to feel much more fall like.  I did the normal loop around work twice  - both with Larry - and it felt like we were running hard the whole time.  This counts as a 'long tempo'.  Larry mentioned that it was probably 10.2 or more - which would put the pace in the 7:45 range.  It's definately an improvement over recent 'long' runs.  Friday I can 'relax' with a 12 miler - easy pace.

Yesterday I did the pool work at UCAP and Monday I sandbagged the intervals a little - since I'm still worried about the calf muscle.  I did the sneakers mile at about a 7:20 pace and then ran up the bitch - so it wasn't totally without intervals - but I just didn't want to push things.  I'd rather get the 10 and 12 in safely.  The swimming seems to be helping.

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