Saturday, September 17, 2011


Long run yesterday.  My second 14 miler in a row.  Although it feels good to be in, what I call, the intermediate-long distances (14 and 15 milers).  I was hoping the second 14 would feel less painful than the first 14.  I started after dropping my kids off at school and just heading into work.  It felt bad from the start and was a 2 hour struggle.  I did the GLP loop (2 miles), as well as extra mileage around work - including the Jupiter loop.  2 hours even.  Weather was the first cold day of the year (40s when I headed out).  Felt like crap all day afterward.  Ate like a horse at dinner.  Strength training today - off tomorrow.  Next week starts with 12x400 intervals.  I'd like to run these hard at a track - but all the tracks are starting to fill up.  Maybe skip out at lunch...



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