Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tempo Runs Slowly Coming Around

I did my second tempo run of the marathon training plan. Of all the workouts that have been disrupted by heal-scrape/sick/travel/hurricane - the tempo has suffered the most. Last week I barely made it 2.75 miles. Today - I think I managed 3.5 over 26 minutes. I'm really dragging Larry on these - but he's managed to do alright. Today, I did the Jupiter loop while he rested, and then did the last 1/2 mile without him - before looping back to jog in the last mile. That actually worked out well - gave me a nice cool-down and a good 5.5 total miles. I'm at 11 miles - with another long run planned for Friday (12, ugghhh).

On the home front - we continue to be without power. Although unsettling psychologically, it hasn't been bad at all from a practical standpoint. And the stars at night have been spectacular. It's hard to imagine that for millions of years - humans have looked up at night to such a brilliant display. Modern times - not so much...



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