Friday, August 12, 2011

Laughably Horrible Two Weeks

Sometime life just gives you crap. The last 2 weeks have been a horrible start to my Philly Marathon hopes. Following the heel fiasco I got a head cold that sidelined me Friday, kept me up coughing every night and diminished my training tremendously this week. I have managed a few workouts - despite the sickness/allergies/whatever.
  • Monday I did a strength/run combo with my wife in a hot/humid/bug-infested field. I actually felt ok - but only managed ~18 minutes of strength and running.
  • Tuesday, feeling a little better I took the kidos to the Stockton college track - hoping to get what I thought was a very doable workout in: 4x800s. Easy right? To start, the infield of the track just had an application of fertilizer and workers there warned that the kids probably shouldn't be playing out there. So with bored kids and more hot weather and only managed 2x800 - with warmup, maybe 2.5 miles.
  • Wednesday I was back to work in CT, but felt horrible so I didn't do anything.
  • Thursday, I attempted a swim - thinking I should probably get something in before next week's Triathlon. I did about 10 minutes of swimming in choppy water. It felt horrible - hopefully it's more the cold than my swim conditioning - but I'll find out next week.
  • Finally today - somewhat pissed at my health - I did 7.5 miles. I should mention - the weather the last two days has been fantastic - so at least that's been good.
Next week'll be a little tricky. Assuming I'm feeling better - I'll still be a little constrained by the Triathlon on Wednesday. What I'm thinking is: Monday - run at lunch (intervals) and bike home. Tuesday bike into work (greb at lunch). Wednesday - just the tri swim - and maybe a run after I dry off. Thursday, off at lunch or easy swim and strength train at home. Friday - long run. I'll be jumping for joy if I can get all that in - and feel ok/good doing it (I'll settle for ok at this point).

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