Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Off to a Rotten Start

August 1st marked the beginning of Philly marathon training and - well, it didn't start well:
  • My daughter has something like swimmers ear and didn't sleep well Sunday night - thus neither did myself or my wife.
  • I ended up taking Advil PM to get back to sleep and had my 'benadryl hangover' the next morning.
  • I also started the week with a monday morning dentist appointment. So feeling hungover and with my teeth scrapped - I headed into work.
  • As I got ready for my lunch run, I realized I had forgotten my socks - so I went out without them. After 2 miles I realized I'd scrapped off enough skin on the heel to stop.
  • I removed my shoes and walked back - the pads on the feet were sore after walking back.
  • If that wasn't enough - I stepped on a small piece of glass left from a demo job in my house Tuesday morning. I think my feet have about had it...
I decided to bag the biking and not run today - just a 50 minutes strenght workout. I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow and bike home. Then take Thursday off and do another bike-run on Friday. A bit scaled back - but I should be able to hit the remaining workouts after the disastrous start.



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