Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come on Irene.

Kind of a scary weather development the last few days - heading into this weekend. Looks like we'll have a real legit hurricane in the NE for the first time in decades. I haven't let that deter my awesome training week. I did a tempo run yesterday with Larry (who was seriously chatty and dragging). I think I managed to drag him for about 2.8 miles - about 21 minutes (7:30s), 5 miles total (41 minutes). I continued with the biking - home last night and in to work today for about 18 miles round trip.

The topper was today - my last Shenny beach swim of the year. My birthday swim: I'm 40 today - happy birthday me! The water was choppy - not from Irene - but another system that's suppose to bring thunderstorms tonight. This turned out be good - I focused on breathing every 2 instead of every 3 - something I wish I did *before* last weeks triathlon swim. I really got the hang of it and the swim felt awesome - I even enjoyed the relatively large swells bobbing me up and down.

Tomorrow - a massive 10 miler. My total time for the week running should top 3.5 hours, mileage over 23. X-training time is already at 3:22 (over 12 'equivalence miles'). It actually feels like I'm training for a marathon again.

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