Monday, August 29, 2011


The New London Thames river. Pretty incredible. Makes me thankful it wasn't a more intense storm when it whipped through.

Made it out before lunch to survey the damage around Eastern Point. Beautiful day for a run - nice clean and dry atmosphere after a hurricane. I did the down ladder intervals I missed a few weeks ago: 1200;800;600;400;200. I also did ~400 up the Meche hill. They felt pretty easy although my groins were hurting - I had to stretch them out in-between intervals. A reminder of the workouts I missed last week: yoga - can't be forgetting the yoga. All ints were off-track, but I did manage the 800 in 3:10 (6:20 pace) - and that's a pretty decent measurement. I should be able to nail my other run workouts - although cross-training is going to take a hit since Lany doesn't start school until next week - so I'll be on drop-off duty for awhile - no biking. I may try and finagle a swim Thursday.

We're still without power in Groton. Wife is going stir-crazy at home with the kids. Hopefully Mystic will get it back - although The Day is reporting that it could be a week or more in some locations. An interesting few weeks to end the summer of 2011.

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