Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hard Long Run Today.

Forgot the ol'water bottle today and paid for it.  The weather was absolutely great.  Rain moved out about 10am and I hit the road around 10:45.  Had to do 14.  First 5 in 43, second 5 in 43, the last ~3.8 34 minutes.  I really started feeling the lack of water at about mile 11-12.  Found this training calculator at runners world.  They may have had it before - but I don't seem to remember the nice pacing layout - almost everything you'd need.  For me it looks pretty simple:  long runs ~9:00 min/mile, tempos ~7:30, intervals anywhere from a 6:47 to 6:16 pace depending on length.  That's pretty much me running right there.
It's about an hour after I finished today and my legs are really throbbing.  I think I'm going to get some "vitamin I."


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