Monday, September 12, 2011

Intervals and Good 'Ole State

So I made it to Penn State this weekend for the big 'bama Penn State football game.  It was an awesome visit.  I had forgotten how wonderful Happy Valley is on football weekends (and all other times).  Did dinner with the former advisor Friday night before wondering around town: found my old house and hit Zenos for a few beers and even managed to remember a few gift items for the wife and kids.

I also managed to not get to mangled Friday night and made it out for a 6.2 miler on Saturday morning.  Headed from the overnight RV parking, past the stadium into campus - looped around the golf course, then came back up past the stadium into muddy RV park.  Tailgated remainder of morning and afternoon before game.  Perfect.  Run was a sweaty sweltery mess and I couldn't run fast - but that's ok.

Got back into serious running today: 6x800 off track intervals along Tyler at work.  I think most were ~3:15s.  Felt hard but not very long which I take as a good sign.  Not sure how the rest of the week is going to go.  I should bike home Thursday and run long into work Friday - but I need to double check the schedule.  I should also try to do a strength workout Tuesday.  Wednesday should be a tempo run and Thursday should be a swim.  But we'll see, sounds a bit aggressive.



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