Sunday, October 02, 2011

Enter the Monster Month.

The 'Monster Month' is upon me.  I enter with a little trepidation.  My last week was ok, but I missed a key run due to injury.  You can see this by looking at the dip in the week 9 point in the above graph.  The red plot is the running distance, blue is the comparative distance I did 2 years ago.  The yellow shows approximately how much I've recouped via cross training - green and yellow diverge for future runs (weeks 10-15) in which I assume a range of 4 - 8 miles of x-training.  I'm a little unnerved by the dip in the red at week 9.  I really need to nail all 3 runs these next 5 weeks *and* aim to do 8 equivalence miles of x-training - otherwise this marathon is going to kick my butt.  hard.

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