Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 8 Going On.

Today I did yet another sweltery run - 5 miles total in 40 minutes - including a 'tempo' part of 3+ miles in about 22 minutes.  It felt hard, but at least I had company.  Monday I did the off-track/around work intervals of: 1 mile; 800; 1 mile and 1:45 uphill hard.  Sandwiched in between that was 18 miles of biking yesterday.  I'm finding it hard to get in all the x-training I'd like to get in.  Maybe that's because I need to be limiting it to 2 workouts - but I have biking, swimming and strength training to squeeze into that.  Mileage this week so far is 11 running and ~4.5 xtraining.  I'll be doing another 2+ xtraining and 15 running for a week of 26 running miles and 32-33 'equivalence miles'.  To put that into perspective - I did 38 miles 2 years ago - all running during week 8.  So that's a little weird - but the idea is to avoid injury - so we'll see.  I will say that all the workouts feel acutely hard.  So hopefully it'll workout.



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