Friday, October 07, 2011

Week 10 Long Run.

That was an easy long run.  12 miles at an easy pace - 1 hour 47 minutes.  Like the last 12 miler - 5 weeks ago - this one felt very good.  Not great out of the gate - but a pretty solid effort.  For the week - 28.5 total run miles - the most so far and only 3.5 from the 'peak' of 32.  I also did ~4.7 eq.miles in the pool - so about 33 total.  Compared to 2009 - I did 42 miles running that week - but 7 of those was during a Sunday easy run - so I'd done 35 miles total after the Friday long run then - so the plans, in a weird way, are conquerable.  Obviously, the goal has been more x-training and strength training - and that seems to make up the difference.  This was a good, confidence building week, after last week's injury worries.  Saved by the pool!  btw - good luck to the triathletes in Kona this week.  What a great venue for the race.



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