Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 12 Update.

So I managed to bike in Tuesday, and then did a sloppy long 'tempo' Wednesday - the area got 2 inches of rain, I think I ran during a good inch of that.  Truth be told it wasn't that bad.  Larry dragged me out and pushed me the whole way.  I laid of the gas because I think I have a low-grade cold.   We did the first 5 in 43 minutes and the second 5 in 42 minutes - Larry could have easily done 40 for the second 5.  I wished I could have went faster - but didn't want to weaken my immune system too much.  Today I did the normal 1300 in the pool.  I'm pretty convinced the pool is great therapy.  Helps the muscles, helps the head cold.  I felt great - although it's a sneaky workout for burning calories - because now I feel like going to sleep.  Tomorrow - 13 or 14 miles - and week 12'll be a wrap ('cept for the strength workout).  Hopefully I'll feel better next week - but I'm pleased to have (mostly) gotten through this week without having to miss any days.

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