Monday, October 17, 2011

Biking Through Week 12.

I'm really wanting one of those cyclocross bikes.  I wish I'd known about them when I purchased my hybrid.  Anyway.  Before buying a new bike, my wife points out I should put a few miles on my current bike.  So today, after doing my 'off-track' intervals with Larry (2x1 miles 6:50ish; 1x800 6:30ish + bitch hill) I biked home today - my first ride in about 4 weeks (last one was sept 20th).  I'll take it into work tomorrow.  Rain Wednesday could push my long run back to Saturday - but that's ok - I'm still thinking I'm going to have a great week training.  Starting to feel good about this race.  I'll plan I buying my kick-ass bike next summer if we move up to Mass as a reward for all the hastle.  Of course, if we stay, I'll buy one anyway...

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