Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Long Run - Finished!

I headed out for 20 today from work.  Early morning - first real cold of the year.  Fortunately I thought ahead and dressed reasonably well (hat, gloves, underarmor shirt).  I started with 4/5ths of the normal 5 mile work loop - then headed basically for home - going toward Bluff Point, through Mumford's Cove and in through Noank and Mystic.  Turned around less than a mile from my house (after 100 minutes of running) - and started back.  It only took 80 minutes back since I did only the last 1/5th of the loop once I popped back toward work.  I have no idea on exact mileage or pacing - but I'm pretty sure I did at or a little over 20, possibly at a sub-9 pace - felt pretty fast and fresh the whole way.  All taper from here!!!

Wednesday I did 6.5.  Didn't quite get as much 'tempo' as I'd liked - but probably about 7:40ish for 4 miles or so.  Larry was dragging a bit - but we got faster as the run went.  Felt great personally - could have went faster.  Tuesday I did the normal 1300 in the pool.

Next week taper starts, but still has some serious runs (13 and 8 + 8x800s on Monday - which is one of the more intense interval sets).  Nevertheless - it feels good to be done with the hardest of the runs.



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