Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice.

So the big problem I've been having, besides crappy weeks, is really sore legs ('achy' is the word).  I'm not sure if that may be to lack of running (which I've never heard of) or leftover marathon soreness.  Neither seems very plausible - but I don't really have any other explanation.  In any case, the upper legs have been sore - but not hurting - for a few weeks now.  Tonight I decided to do this easy workout - in hopes to give the legs some strength and then did an 18 minute yoga routine from a dvd (not just the random stretching I do on my own).  The strength workout is designed: be a prerun warmup since it "wakes up" your glutes and your core (the muscles of the stomach, back, and hips). "When you perform these exercises, you're telling your brain to switch on the muscles that need to fire while you run...strengthening these areas means that each step you take will be more powerful and stable, which makes you more efficient, faster, and less likely to get injured...because each exercise works multiple muscle groups, you'll also see total-body benefits—in your shoulders, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.
.I have to say - the combo has them feeling less achy.  I did the workout 3 times through - for 18 minutes, then - hoping the muscles were warmed - did the 18 yoga.  If I run, I'll try and remember to do the 6 minute version to 'wake-up' the muscles.  Also - did 1150 in the pool on Monday and strength Sunday.  Another slow, but hopefully useful week.

Almost x-mas!  Had my wife's birthday today, have party/gatherings on Friday and Saturday.  A very nice time of year to spend with the wife and little ones.  Good time to wrap-up some things at work as well.


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