Sunday, January 08, 2012


I started 2012 in somewhat pathetic fashion.  While I did a decent job doing strength/yoga during the last week of 2011, I kinda fell off the wagon the first week of 2012.  The week looked like: Sunday - nothing (party); Monday - nothing; Tuesday - nothing (1st day back at work); Wednesday - run 5 miles; Thursday - nothing; Friday - run 5 miles; Saturday - nothing (party).  That's a lot of nothing.  Wednesday's run was a freezing 20 degrees.  Fridays was nicer - but slower.

Well the good thing about a suck-ass start to 2012 is that it's motivated me to start training more.  I really don't have any goals yet for this year - but my short term goal is slog through the Colchester half in late February.  I started well - with a strength workout today - 66 minutes of Bob Harper hell.  I'll try to make it out for an easy run tomorrow.  I'm going to lay off the intervals/tempo work and just try and build a decent base - with some swimming mixed in.  Oh - and eat healthy - it's parsnip week this week.  Going to rock some roasted parsnips.


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