Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Crossed Up

So the new year has brought a renewed emphasis on cross training.  I'm still trying to give my knee a break - so I have the swim thing going.  I spent some time this last weekend trying to adjust my bike seat - since biking should be good on the knees - and today I went out for about 14 miles.  Knee felt fine - which is good - but god do I not like biking.  My ass hurts after about 30 minutes, my neck/shoulder area gets tight and today my feet were cold.  Just not something I enjoy...Nevertheless, I hope to try and start the too work commute next week and augment my swims.  I may try and run either tomorrow or Friday.  I think the knees have had a good long rest.  Hoping 1 or 2 days a week should be good for the next two months, then i'll ramp up to 3 days and longer runs.


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