Saturday, January 02, 2016

New Year, no Runs...

I'm sitting on the couch listening to my sick 9 year old sing 'hear comes Santa Claus' in the bath.  It's a priceless moment - I wish I could bottle it.  We just finished a 5 day visit to my relatives in Arizona, and she probably managed to grab one of the many viruses floating around the interior of the plane.  I decided not to run at all during the vacation.  I did manage to use the gym 4 times though to work on strength.  Mostly upper-body since I'm really trying to give my knees some 'nothing time'.  Remarkably, they still feel a little sore in the morning and going up and down stairs.  Not really sore-sore - more like a vague 'i can feel them sore'.  Ideally, they will get to a point where I don't have to worry about them.

The knees are one sore point, my lower back is always off and on sore - as far back as I can remember.  I just did some lower back stretching.  Then I decided to do my knee stretches, then my hamstring stretches.  Then I felt guilty for not doing some upper body work.  That is the problem with trying to address weak points - you realize you have many of them - and it gets to be a lot of work to get to all of them.  I didn't even mention the weight.  I was watching calories the month before the break, and manged to push 165 down to 162, only to return home from Arizona back up to 165.  I am a pretty thin guy - and consider 160 to be my 'normal' weight - but I would like to hit the next half marathon at 155 and stronger - 10 pounds can make a huge difference - but it certainly is hard to get back to normal after the holidays - stubborn pounds these - especially over the holidays with no running to help to the calorie count.

Oh well.  Maybe need to delay the start of 2016 (running) for another week.  It'll be two weeks next Tuesday - 3 weeks did the trick before the marathon last time - so I'll have to see how they feel Monday.


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