Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Digs

Had my last run Tuesday and last day at big blue - followed closely by my new job the next 3 days.  No lunch runs yet - but looks like i may be able to get out.  I may start by doing the commute runs until I can find someone to head out with.  Today I ran for the first time in my new racing flats.  I did about 2 miles warmup - then a 800, 1600, 800 intervals.  I clicked them off at 3:20, 6:40, 3:20 - almost exactly.  The flats felt good running - but feet do feel a little sore now.  I'll have to deploy them carefully.  I do want to do another run or two before I try the st pattys day run.  which i need to sign up for soon. 

almost 11 years on blogspot!  that is a lot of running and blogging (and drinking).


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