Friday, January 20, 2017

Short Runs

Still finding my footing with work and the new commute.  I've taken to running in the morning.  The first morning - Tuesday - I  left at 6:45 and realized I didn't have much time - so I ran about 2.6 miles - kinda lame.  I then started earlier - 6:35 and ran until 7:05 - managing my longest run of 3.6 miles.  not real great.  So I started even earlier today, 6:20, but realized I needed to wake my youngest up for 'math morning' and only managed 3.3 miles.  I'm hoping to crank out a 5 or 6 miler tomorrow. 

My new digs have me in Watertown.  I think the most famous celebrity is Faith from Buffy the vampire slayer.  Haven't seen her hanging at the Arsenal mall - or on my runs...


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