Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ski and Run

Last weekend we made it skiing again - up to Crotched mountain in NH.  The good: shorter trip (1.5 hours), zero lift lines - unreal for the weekend and some interesting runs.  The bad - some serious ice and a little rain in the afternoon.  But it was skiing.  Legs were hurting after lunch.  This next week we're doing 2 days at mt. snow - so hopefully my wimpy legs will hold up.

Ran Monday morning - only 3.2 miles.  Then I did my first run from/to work last night and this morning - about 4.1 each way.  All slow runs - but better than nothing.  Last year I was hitting the swimming hard and doing about 9 miles/week over 2 runs (probably esplenade runs).  I knew with the job change that I wouldn't be able to swim as easily.  I know arsenal has a pool - maybe need to look into swimming there...


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