Thursday, July 12, 2018

Officially week 16

So this week was my official start to my 16 week training plan.  Last sunday I did my first track workout - 3x1 miles.  I think these were around the 6:28 - strava had one of them at 6:15 - but I was looking at the watch and I think they were all just under 6:30. 

had a nice swim sunday night for my x-training.  Tuesday I did the 2 mile tempo.  Felt awesome.  goal was 7:00 - and i landed them at 6:58 and 6:48.  Love that 2 mile tempo - would be nice if more were scheduled for this plan.

Today I did my first long run (only 13). Felt good for the first 11 miles.  Last two were slow and a bit painful.  Still managed the target pace (8:17 - goal was 8:16).  Main worry now is my right foot hurts like hell - probably need to ice it.  hope this does not persist.


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