Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On to week 7

So I finished last week with the 2 more runs - the slow 6.5 miler on Thursday - felt good to run slow.  And my final run was the intervals on the weekend: 800 at mile pace - probably around 2:50 - then one minute jog - then 2x400 at mile pace with 30 second jog.  Very difficult - nice mile 'simulator'.  I was under 1:30 on the 400s - but I honestly don't remember.

Today I was pumped to do some nice and easy 4x800s.  Easy - except for the heat.  mid 80s felt like 120.  The first 2 weren't bad - but the third one sucked.  I think i may have run further than 800 - pretty delirous by that point.  Did a bit of a walk and then tried to kick out the next one.  Skipped the 2x400s - as i was a little worried about passing out.  Feel like shit now - but need to walk Tulip and clean up the dinner mess.

Will try to do a bit of a long run Thursday morning.  only 6x200s sunday - but I'm giving up thinking any of these are easy.


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