Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Off-Weak Thoughts

So I'm actually excited to not be running for some reason. I've read a lot about running recently, and almost all the experts appear to think that a few weeks off will help more than hurt - at least in the long run. Although I'm feeling better, my head is still pretty congested - so I'm aiming for a Friday run either at work during lunch or out at Bluff Point.

Nevertheless, there is much going on:
1. The IAAF cross country championships are coming up. The link provides a nice write-up, and I find the picture inspiring.

2. I signed-up for what is the big corporate run: the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. That in itself is also inspiring in that it pretty much defines our team - since no other competitive team races exist. Also interesting because of the recent JP-Bear Sterns news.

3. Random non-training thoughts from yesterday. I went for a walk at lunch, which I realized how much I miss when I run. I noticed houses that I'd never really noticed before, heard the sounds of spring more clearly - was actually stunned by how out of it I apparently am when I'm running. I'll have to make it a point to walk a bit more often. Something else I thought was funny: another runner asked me if I was 'ok' - presuming that I must be injured or sick (which was correct) - still funny. I guess it is weird to see a runner out walking. Finally, yesterday I saw a bald eagle fly over I-95 driving home from work. It was around the Groton resevoir (the link may not work - since I noticed google maps sometimes doesn't do that correctly???). Huge bird - clearly a bald eagle - almost drove off the road looking at it.

4. Two runs coming up which have interesting art work: the James Joyce Ramble on April 27th and the Twilight Trail Run on May 16th. I've never done the Ramble - but apparently it's a pretty big race - with over 1700 finishers last year. The TwTR is pretty small - especially if the weather poor again like last year - but usually ranks as one of my favorites for the year.

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