Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cleanse Week.

This week I did 3 five mile runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Started the week Sunday with a 40 minute workout video.  A pretty hom-hum week.  But the weekend!  We're talking 48 hour Oz Cleanse.  It's rough.  I have no energy.  This morning for breakfast was quinoa and prunes.  Morning snack was the green blended drink (Kale and pineapple) shown above.  So far, that's the worst tasting thing.  Lunch was a frz-blueberry/banana snack.  Dinner was a saurkraut and apple starter, followed by a soup that contains fennel, cabbage, shitake mushrooms, red onions and (thank God) some actual seasoning.  The best tasting thing has been a simple salad: radishes, green beans, celery with sea-salt/pepper/olive oil.  But nothing really fills you up and I'm wondering how well I'm going to sleep.

Hopefully I'm full of energy to start next week.  I may have a beer Monday morning.  Hill workouts start Tuesday!

Cleanse UPDATE:  2:00 Sunday afternoon.  Hunger and headache.  I really want normal food again.


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