Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Open Thread.

Whew.  Finally, a great week of training.  Nothing Earth-shattering - but for mid-winter I'll take it.  It all started with a gotta-get-out the door run Monday - by myself - a measly 3.8 miles.  Then I found the pool again Tuesday and then again Wednesday.  Each day I did my warm-up twice.  Doesn't sound exciting - but adding an extra 200 at the end gives me 1200 yards so I'll take it.  I also squeezed in a strength workout Tuesday night (or was it Monday?  don't matter).  Then today - it happened.  An actually good run!  Only 5 miles, but I ran hard with Larry for most of it.  We covered the distance in ~7:40-7:50 range.  It felt good to run hard.

Inspiration.  A lot of it comes from another work friend who left 'Once a Runner' on my desk.  It *really* is the best novel ever written about running.  Having said that, I'm only 28 pages in - but it's been a good 28 pages and usually I have trouble 'getting into books'.  In other cool news, while digging around for recent R applicaitons for a review I'm (suppose to be) writing, I found this awesome graphic creation  using R and Google Charts.  I'm pretty excited to try this on some work applications.  Hopefully March will be the month:  buy a house, sell a house, have fun with family, run, swim, knock-it-out at work.


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