Monday, March 19, 2012

Relocating: Buying and Selling

I'm in the process of relocating, which has made life - in addition to training - a little more difficult this spring.  Two weeks ago I managed 3 runs - but not much else.  Last week was 2 runs and a swim - but no strength.  I do have a new goal - which is always good - to run a fast mile.  I've had that goal before and not followed through - so hopefully this will be the year.  But first I need to get through the next few weeks.

10 days ago we put in an offer for a house in Arlington, however the inspection turned up existing termite damage.  We love the house - so we are proceeding with another (more specific) inspection - but it stinks.  Also, we luckily got an offer on our existing house - but the relocation procedure is taking forever.  So I wake up, once again, with a world of doubt and worry.  

Fortunately the kids have been great.  Yesterday, Julia went in with me to work - as I had to email documents to relo - and just loved playing in my office.  Then later that afternoon, they adopted a caterpillar - and named it Buttercups.    An amazing source of energy and optimism, those kids.      

Also in the good news category - I got the newest Tim Powers book in the mail.  Always a great read.


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