Saturday, April 07, 2012

Long Run?

I work up early this morning to do something novel - a long run with people.  Instead of my normal 1/2-day long - this was done at 7am - bright and early.  It was a bear.  I was told 7-8 miles - turned into 11.6.  It was slow, and I really had no problem with it.  I guess the marathon training really does stay with you for a few months.  For the week - very well rounded: 1 strength session; 1 hill workout; 1 swim; 1 long run - and oh, yeah - a 25 minute bike ride from the auto mechanic home.  Pretty much covered all the bases this week. Also, some cleanse benifit - weight is down near an all time low of 153 this morning (post long run) - probably bopping around the 154-155 range.  Lets see if I can keep it there a while.

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