Friday, October 02, 2015

Last Longish Run

Today marked the last of the pretty hard runs.  I wanted to do 13-15 miles - so I split the difference and did 14.  It took 1 hour and 49 minutes.  The goals were 13 miles at MP, and I wanted to add a little mileage to make it last longer - but not too long since I did have to work today.  I left at 7:42 and headed 'down' into belmont towards fresh pond.  Pacing was pretty good: 7:50, 7:44, 7:45, 7:56, 7:38, 7:55, 7:48 for the first 7.  Then I got a little greedy as I headed though watertown and onto the Charles: 7:39, 7:34, 7:35, 7:25, 7:38, and 7:46 - which put me at 13.  I'm hoping the pace group will help me in the marathon.  7:50 is tough - because i can't just run a brisk/slow pace and get it - i need to really think about running a little faster - and apparently end up running too fast.  Last mile was 8:25 giving an overall pace of 7:46 - but the 13 mile pace was probably lower 7:40s.  Still not feeling wonderful - legs are sore - could feel the back the last few miles.  So as I taper, I'll have to keep hitting that and stretching those legs well.


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