Monday, September 14, 2015

Welcome to Speed Week

This week it's all about speed.  This morning I headed out on the first cool crisp day of the fall for what may be my final track session: 10x400s.  I did close to 6 minute mile pace (1:30s) for most of the workout.  I think I calculated 6:06 average pace.  Felt good and pretty easy to run the single laps - although I'm not sure I have a faster gear than that - I was trying to think what a 5 minute mile pace would be - and kinda decided I would never sniff it.  Maybe I should aim for like a 5:30 mile or something.  The next two workouts are a 5 mile tempo run (7:20-7:30) and a fast 10 miler - maybe 7:45s.  Nothing slow this week!


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