Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 7 Long Run

Today's goal was 16 miles at a 8:20-8:35 pace.  I started out the run with a 7 miles that were mostly above that pace: 9:03, 8:3, 8:39, 8:49, 8:40, 8:44 and 8:41.  That was the down into Fresh Pond and around part.  Once I hit the Charles, I was feeling warmed up and started to run a little faster: 8:29, 8:27, 8:10, 8:20, 8:22, 8:10, 8:01, 8:29 and 8:17.  That was a pretty good way to end the run - felt strong - but tired at the end.  Legs feel like dog meat again.  8:30 overall pace - so right in the goal range.  That is the longest run since my last Philly and the most mileage yet for this training plan - at 30 miles.

The 18 and 20 milers are suppose to be in the 8:20 range - so I'll have to worry a little bit about getting off to a better start.  


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