Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The 9 Mile Tempo Run

I hate tempo runs.  Of the 3 main workouts - they are always the hardest to do for me and the most painful afterwards.  I was dreading today's 9 mile tempo run - in the heat - the day after intervals - just not a great feeling going in.  Luckily the heat wasn't awful - nice breeze actually.  I started out relatively fast: 7:39, 7:21, 7:36, 7:30 as I rounded the first 'lap' after four miles.  I slowed up a little: 7:39, 7:36, 7:41 - before finishing 7:45 and 7:48 - overall was 7:37 -  which is really outstanding considering the heat and the goal (7:45).

I taped my feet last night - I actually think it helped!  My feet feel pretty good right now - so although I looked like a complete clown with the 4 inches of shaved legs and dark blue tape - I may have to keep doing that.


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