Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 11: Easy Ints

Today I headed to the MIT track with Lar to do the intervals.  Since we're doing seperate plans, we had different interval sets.  He had 6x800s, I had an easy one scheduled: 5x2minutes - I sure as hell wasn't about to take the hard way out - so I stuck to it.  I did each one in a little over 500 - so I think it was close to the 6 to 6:15 in/mile pace.  I also did Larry's last interval with him in 3:18 - so about a 6:40 pace - but I wasn't really pushing.  So all in all it felt good.  Nice and cool and easy.  Ready for my 8 miler round the river on Wednesday.

The bigger story of the day was the allergies this morning - i won't use the word col^^^ - since it will not exist until late October.  I think it's allergies anyway.  I felt better after the run and am drinking wine now.  My theory is that I slept with the window fan going and it gently blows pollen on me all night, so I wake with severe allergies.


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