Sunday, November 01, 2015

Battlegreen 10K

Today I ran the Lexington Battlegreen 10K race.  My first 10k since 2010, and only my second since I really started running.  The good news is that it felt really short after the marathon.  The bad news is that it was a pretty hilly course.  The first mile was nice a fast a flat - I clicked by at 6:35.  I was trying to simultaneously dial back the pace and keep my legs moving at a decent clip after that.  The second mile went by at 13:30-something - still under 7 for the mile.  Then the hills started.  I'm pretty sure the first one was right at the mile 2 mark and went up for a good 3 minutes.  I was just hoping to hit mile 3 marker under 21 minutes - and did around 20:40.  The hills kept coming and I just tried to take them easy and then get the legs moving fast again downhill and the flat parts.  The good news is that the legs felt great the whole run - my lower back and that searing feeling in the lungs were the limiting factors physically - but that is a good thing.  Was able to keep the pace under the 7s and even had a decent kick at the end for a 43:13 finish - good for a 6:58 pace, and only 16 seconds slower than my 2010 effort.  


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