Friday, May 02, 2008

Quality of Quantitiy

I really dropped-off this week for total mileage. However the week's 3 workouts included (1) my fastest recent run, (2) my longest swim (ever) and (3) my longest run this year. The last one occurred today over lunch: 8.83 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes - good for an easy 8:23 min/mile pace. Since I missed 2 workouts this week - my total mileage was only ~18 miles. The other thing I liked about the run was that it's a solid 15-20 minutes longer than the TTW - which will be in 2 weeks - I always like to get a few runs in that are longer than the goal race - and I've done that with these last 2 long runs. The bad about today: drizzle - but an unusually strong drizzle. It kept me cool during the run - but led to some nipple chaffing. I'll apologize in advance to confused nursing mothers looking for advice. I can't help you, but I feel your pain! I noticed chaffing problems during the New Haven 20K, after getting doused by a hose. I'll have remember to band-aid up before running in wet clothing.



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