Thursday, September 04, 2008

3M Beach Run

Last night was the Misquamicut 3M Beach Run put on by the Westerly Track & Athletic club. I took the wife and kids over early (~4:30) to play in the sand and surf - then decided to run the race barefoot - a first for me. I started fast and kept up a pretty good pace - finishing the 3 miles in 20:18 - a 6:46 pace. Not my fastest - but adequate considering the lack of any speed training. Also notable was that I ran slightly negative splits - and didn't get passed by anyone during the last half - which is always a good thing.

I enjoyed running barefoot - although 3 miles of running in the sand rubbed my toes pretty raw, and the run itself really tightened up my calf muscles (both legs) - so I'm not sure if I'll get out today. In itself, that's not a big deal - but I'll be down a little this week in total mileage.

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