Friday, September 05, 2008

Long Run Friday [again]

Today's long run was abbreviated to only 5.25 miles - still at a pretty slow pace: 8:46 min/mile. I actually have a multitude of reasons for cutting it short: First - wicked soreness in the Achilles tendons in both legs from Wednesday night's run, second - unusually hot and humid (82 %) weather and third - that cut on the heal of my right foot - that is partly to blame for me going barefoot at the race in the first place. So a lot of good excuses - but still a sad week of running: 17 total miles so far. I may tack on some walking miles before the weeks over - but probably no more running until next Monday.

Update: I did some strength training this morning and I'm looking forward to next week: Monday swim, Tuesday intervals, Wednsday easy or swim, Thursday long run and Friday bike. Should be a good weekend.



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