Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 2 Cont.

Another solid all-round week.  Did my long run Monday (6.5), then a short busy swim Tuesday - only 800 - pool was super busy - but due to meetings at work it was the only day I could go; Wednesday I biked too and from work - for some reason this completely wore me out for the night.  Yesterday I attempted to do my track work, but the MIT track is all torn up - so to the esplenade I went for off-track 400s - or 1:30s.  I think I did 9 of them - it was hot and unpleasant - and had me wondering if i had another summer of heavy training in me.  Today I did what could be my last swim at the MIT pool for this session.  I did 1250 - kinda lazy.  I think I managed 13 swims in about 6 weeks.  My pass does't run out until next Wednesday - but with the 3 day weekend, that may be it for me.  Anyway, all in all, some solid cross training.  Got some runs in - but also managed to rest my legs some.  Next week is race week - so I'll aim for a good solid longish run early - then kinda take it easy - maybe a short run Tues/Wed.


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