Friday, September 08, 2017

Week 2

I followed up last Saturday's track work with a tough 10 miler on Monday.  I headed out in the morning - ran to Alewife/Davis - and back up the bike path.  Pacing was right at 7:50 through 9 miles - which is the HMPp goal.  The last mile uphill was slower - but the GAP was 7:54 - so i'll take that.  Pretty hard run.  I took two days off - partially due to weather, and partially because I was gassed - and then headed out yesterday for a 6 miler from work.  The goal was 6 miles at 7:30; but I hit 5 at 7:20, and then slowed up a bit.  Ended up with 6 at 7:30 anyway - but I'm calling this one 5 at MT pace (10 seconds slower than HMP).  I think that reflects the effort - and what actually happened a little better than 6 at 7:30 pace.  I didn't have my watch - which probably effected pacing.  It was a really hard run - but weather has been perfect - and I'm pretty happy with the fitness, speed and my ability to hit these paces.  On to track work, then week 3.

Update:  Did the track yesterday.  15x300s.  These were a lot of fun.  The first 6 were pretty fast - 67 seconds - which translates to about 6 min/miles.  They got harder after that - and the last 6 were closer to 70 seconds - which is more of a 6:13 min/mile.  The next scheduled track run is next week - but I may do the town day race instead.


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